How do I open this weird *.pdo papercraft templates I can download here?

To open the *.pdo papercraft templates on this site you will need a free program called “Pepakura Viewer/Designer”. I is programmed by the japanese company tamasoft and you can download it for free here.

What is the difference between the Pepakura Viewer and the Pepakura Designer?

The Pepakura Viewer is completley free. You can open, print and view *.pdo files with it. The Pepakura Designer is needed if you want to modifiy or create a file. The Viewer is kind of free, all important functions are working out of the box without a need to buy it. BUT if you want to save your files you have to buy a license from tamasoft.

Can I have a password for a file I downloaded here?

I am very sorry, but I only got passwords for 0.001% of the files here. If you want to get a password to unlock a file for resizing or modifying there is no way but to track the original author down online and ask him/her briefly for the password. There is no other way!

Can you send me a converted pdf of some *.pdo file?

I would love to do this for everyone who is asking; but since the website has grown and there are A LOT of this requests I can’t handle them anymore. So you have to convert the file for yourself! BUT: It is easy and for free. Just open a *.pdo file with the Pepakura Viewer and Print the file to PDF instead to the printer. That’s it!

But I am using a mac! Does this mean I am not able to craft like all the other cool kids?

There are ways to get pepakura running on mac’s. Just click here to watch a video tutorial about it!

And linux? What’s about linux???

I bet no linux user ever will read this; but just click here to see a tutorial video about how to use wine!

I just found a file I created on this site and don’t want it to be here!

Thats a bummer! Since we got a few diffrent uploaders and everybody of them got their own sources for new crafts
it can sometimes happen that people find files with erased author infos. (Like in facebook groups, pdo-packages and stuff like this.) IF we uploaded a file which is yours you can write us and email to [email protected] or you can just use the Report Button at the ende of every upload!

I am a passionate crafter and I am doin my own files; is it possible to put them on pepakura.eu without a download link? Like a commercial?

Of course! We are happy to fulfill every possible wish you could have. No matter if you want to advertise a file of yours (like with a email link instead of a download link) to push your own sellings or If you want a PayPal donation button under your files; we are happy to help!

Advertise? What?

Pepakura.eu got a lot of traffic. So if you publish something here you will get probably a much larger audience than you would got on your normal social channels. If someone is interested in a advertised file from you thats totally your buisness alone. So people have to write you on pepakura.eu or in a email (what you prefer) to negoiate everything buisness related directly with you. IF this is getting interesting for more than a few people I will add an automated payment process for you. Again: Pepakura.eu will never ask your for money, a transaction fee or bullshit like that. We just give you space to present your work a bigger audience!

I bought some files one Onekura before it went offline without any notice. Are you related to them and can you help me to get my paid files?

Onekura was not related in any form to pepakura.eu! IF you got troble to contact the people behind onekura you should visit their facebook group. According to them they are working on a new site since the old one crashed. Feel free to ask in our forums if you got trouble to contact them; we will try to help!

Some download buttons look diffrent!

This site organically grow over years. Since we were no professionals at the beginnig (and we still arent now) we tried diffrent systems of getting things done. The new blue Buttons are the final ones. But it will take some time for us to sort hundreds of old posts and replace all the downloads!

How can I hide foldlines?

Take a look at this screenshot we made for you!