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Medli is a character in The Wind Waker. She is a young Rito, apprentice attendant of Valoo, the patron deity of the Rito. She is close friends with Prince Komali and is always watching and worrying over him. Medli is known to be kind-hearted and responsible, and when it comes to helping others, she is not afraid to take on challenges and other obstacles that might get in her way despite not being able to fly too well. Medli accompanies Link into two dungeons in order to fulfill her job as attendant of Valoo and as the Sage of Earth, respectively.

Even during her free time, Medli can be seen and heard trying to improve her skills as Valoo’s attendant by practicing her most valued possession: the Rito Harp. She is also notable as one of the few characters that can be controlled other than Link.

Some time before The Wind Waker, Medli was chosen by Komali’s Grandmother to become her apprentice and successor as Valoo’s attendant. Komali’s grandmother saw the harp that Medli was carrying and had sensed what destiny had in store for the young girl, but kept quiet about it, instead using her position to teach Medli all that she had to know until the day fate would call her. Unfortunately, Komali’s grandmother died and Medli became the new attendant of Valoo. However, unlike the former attendant of the Sky Spirit, Medli could not fully understand Valoo’s language, and as such, she was not too confident in her abilities.

All was well until Gohma appeared in the Dragon Roost Cavern and started tormenting Valoo’s tail, causing him to go into a fit of rage. Valoo’s home became inaccessible and Medli could no longer fulfill her job as his attendant. Moreover, since Medli was not as knowledgeable with the Sky Spirit’s language, she could not truly comprehend why Valoo had begun to go berserk.

Due to this, Medli feels it is partly her fault that Prince Komali has shut himself in and has lost his confidence for wanting to go and ask Valoo for his pair of wings, for if Medli had possessed some of Komali’s grandmother’s strength, the prince of the Rito would have more faith in himself. Shortly after, Link arrives on Dragon Roost Island and is asked to meet with Medli so that the hero can give Prince Komali a letter from his father. After handing over the letter, Medli in turn asks Link to meet her at the entrance of Dragon Roost Cavern once he has spoken with Prince Komali.

Link complies with Medli’s favor and goes to meet her at the entrance of Dragon Roost Cavern, where she expresses her blame about Prince Komali’s behavior towards Link. Moreover, she asks that Link help her reach Valoo by giving her a lift to the entrance of the cavern. Medli successfully gets some wind under her wings and reaches the entrance, where she thanks Link and asks that Link looks out after Prince Komali if anything is to happen to her as she climbs Dragon Roost to meet with Valoo. Just before she departs, she gives the Link an empty Bottle, and wishes good luck to the both of them.

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