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Malon is a recurring character in the Legend of Zelda series. In a majority of her appearances, she and her father Talon are the owners of Lon Lon Ranch, where they raise cows, Cuccos, and horses. Malon also frequently appears in conjunction with the mare Epona as well as “Epona’s Song”.

In Ocarina of Time, Malon is a young girl who loves to sing outside the Hyrule Castle’s walls at night. She, along with Ingo, takes care of most of the duties at Lon Lon Ranch due to her father’s laziness. Link first meets Malon, who calls him “Fairy Boy,” in the Hyrule Castle Market where she was looking for her father. After Link finds Talon asleep and wakes him up using the Cucco that hatched from the Weird EggMalon gave him, Malon returns to Lon Lon Ranch with her father. When Link goes visit her at the ranch, she introduces him to a young horse named Epona, and teaches the young hero “Epona’s Song,” a song Malon’s mother had composed.

Seven years later, when Link returns to the ranch, he finds out that Ingo had exiled Talon and taken over the ranch. Malon was working for him out of fear of how the animals would be treated if she disobeys his orders. Moreover, since Ingo was planning to give Epona as a present to Ganondorf, Malon was the only one who could tame her. Malon tells Link that she had recognized him but was not sure until he told her his name.

As a minigame, Malon lets him race around the ranch to compete against her best time. When he is able to beat her time, she rewards him by sending a Cow to his house in Kokiri Forest, which may be used as a free source of Milk. Should Link best his own time afterwards, Malon will simply compliment his and Epona’s teamwork.

Author: Xenon

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