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Grog is a recurring character in the Legend of Zelda series. His most distinguishing physical features are his pupil-less white eyes, and his gaunt physique. He is always seen sitting next to several small sacks, the contents of which are never disclosed.

Grog can be found sitting under a tree in Kakariko Village at night, when Link is a child. He is the brother of Anju, the son of Mutoh and either the son or grandson ofGranny. If spoken to, he lets Link know that he finds his own mother and father disgusting, indeed he does most people, and concludes Link must be as well. However, if Link speaks to him while wearing the Bunny Hood, Gerudo Mask, orKeaton Mask, Grog claims to really be a good man.

When Link returns to Kakariko Village as an adult, he proves his ability as a Cuccokeeper to Anju by waking Talon with the Pocket Cucco. As a reward, Anju gives Link Cojiro, a blue Cucco that once belonged to Grog; Anju explains that Grog left the village some time ago, and Cojiro has not crowed since. In the Lost Woods, Cojiro spontaneously starts crowing again, and Link eventually comes across a napping Grog, who is awakened by Cojiro’s crowing. Grog is taken back at the sight of his old Cucco, and is impressed with Link’s ability to tame it, which he claims is something that can be done only by “nice guys.”

Convinced that Link is a “nice guy,” Grog gives him an Odd Mushroom, and asks him to deliver it to Granny in the Kakariko Potion Shop. Grog then sends him on his way without much in the way of further explanation. If Link manages to deliver it before the passing of three minutes, at which point the mushroom will spoil, Granny is able to use the mushroom to create an Odd Potion, but she remarks that the potion will have no effect on a monster.

When Link returns to Grog’s previous location in the Lost Woods, he finds Fadostanding in the exact same spot he sat, with Grog nowhere to be seen. She claims that Grog has gotten lost inside the forest and has become a Stalfos, implying that Granny’s cryptic remark earlier may have been the result of foreknowledge. Fado asks Link to return the Odd Potion, made from forest materials, back to her; in exchange, she gives him the Poacher’s Saw Grog left behind. Later, Link returns this saw to its rightful owner, Mutoh. It is implied that Grog may have stolen the saw from Granny, with whom Mutoh left the saw behind.

Notably, Grog is conspicuously absent during the victory celebration at Lon Lon Ranch that occurs during the end credits sequence, being one of the only minor characters not to appear.

Author: Xenon

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