Yu-Gi-Oh – Penguin Soldier

  • The effect of “Penguin Soldier” is an optional Trigger Effect that can be activated when this card is flipped face-up. (It can be activated during the Damage Step.)
  • It targets 1 or 2 monsters in the Monster Zone.
  • It can target monsters in either player’s Monster Zone. Also, it can target either face-up or face-down monsters.
  • It can also target “Penguin Soldier” itself. However, if “Penguin Soldier” is flipped face-up and destroyed by battle, then you cannot target “Penguin Soldier”.
  • If you control a monster equipped with “Metalsilver Armor”, your opponent can activate the effect of “Penguin Soldier” by targeting that monster. Your opponent cannot target 2 monsters with the effect of “Penguin Soldier”.
  • If “D.D. Warrior” attacks a face-down this card, since both effects are activated after damage calculation, they can be activated in a Chain. The effect of “D.D. Warrior” will be Chain Link 1, and if the opponent activates the effect of Penguin, it will be Chain Link 2. (Since “Soldier” was destroyed by battle, you cannot target itself.) After the effect of “Penguin Soldier” resolves, if “D.D. Warrior” was returned to the hand, “Penguin Soldier” is still banished. (If “D.D. Warrior” was not targeted by the effect of “Penguin Soldier”, both monsters are banished.)

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