Warhammer – Berserker Helmet


The final destination on my Warrior Pilgrimage to Rynn’s World was my voyage to the Jadeberry Hill Necropolis. Upon that blasted knoll are to be found hundreds of hand-carved headstones, each one a memorial to a fellow battle brother of the Crimson Fists. Each stone is engraved with the battle honours of a hero whose mortal remains will never be recovered, his sacrifice an example to us all. I lingered at that bleak place for a day and a night, meditating upon the foes I had defeated and the terrible battles I had fought to return here and atone for my weakness. Come the morn, I was struck by a revelation. Though many of them had died here, my brethren had prevailed in the face of adversity. I would strive to emulate their example and prove myself worthy of the trust placed in me by my Chapter.”


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