Warhammer – 40K Heavy Bolter + Ammo Pack +FOAM+

40kheavybolterfoam 40kheavybolterfoamammo

“Do you remember what you said to me, brother? Do you remember what you said to me as we fought before the Pyramid of Photep? Do you remember the words you used? I do. As I recall, your face was tortured. Imagine that – the Master of the Wolves, his ferocity twisted into grief. And yet you still carried out your duty. You always did what was asked of you. So loyal. So tenacious. Truly you were the attack dog of the Emperor. You took no pleasure in what you did. I knew that then, and I know it now. But all things change, my brother. I’m not the same as I was, and you’re… well, let us not mention where you are now.”

Ammo Pack fits over a Standard Paper Space Marine Backpack.

Author: Unkown

40k Space Marine Bolter 1-1 scale arranged for foam 40k Heavy Bolter ammo pack unfolded for foam

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