Team Fortress – Demoman Blue/Red

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The Demoman is a drunk-swilling demolitions expert from the Scottish town of Ullapool, and is one of the more versatile members of the team. A master of explosives, the Demoman strategically deals massive amounts of indirect and mid-range splash damage. Armed with his Grenade Launcher and Stickybomb Launcher, he uses his one good eye and the knowledge of his surrounding environment for well-timed stickybomb detonations that send enemies skyward, often in many pieces.

Should anyone get past his explosive ordinance however, they will be shocked to learn the Demoman is extremely proficient at melee combat, being one of the deadliest melee users in the game, with a variety of powerful melee unlocks in his arsenal.

He excels at swift destruction; he can bounce his grenades at creative angles to wreak havoc on enemy Sentry Gun emplacements while remaining safely out of sight. His stickybombs are a perfect tool for area denial, and are effective at keeping opponents away from any carts, control points, or Intelligence that he deems off-limits.

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