Super Smash Bros – Beam Sword


The Beam Sword (ビームソード, Beam Sword) is a long-range battering item, similar in appearance to a lightsaber. Available in all four games, it can be wielded and charged for melee attacks or can be thrown, like all other battering items.

As a battering item, the Beam Sword will bolster the player’s power, as well as potentially add some options to their game via throwing. In Melee and Brawl, the Beam Sword’s range significantly increases in size, particularly in the case of charged smash attacks. In each of its subsequent appearances, its range has increased, with Brawl’s variant of the weapon potentially having thrice the range of its Melee counterpart. With this, the beam of the blade can also pass through walls. In Super Smash Bros. 4, character-specific Beam Sword attacks, such as Marth and Roy’s two-hit slashes, are no longer present.

The Sword is one of few unusual items Peach can pull out via her Vegetable attack, though the chances of this are slim (1 out of 58 chance), and has been removed in Smash 4. In addition, the behavior surrounding the event is unorthodox for Brawl; in the first minute of plucking the item, the sword’s range is severely decreased, as Peach will use her item throwing animation rather than her standard item swinging animation. After a minute, the item pickup sound will play and the Beam Sword regains its usual properties, though the player can also toss the sword and pick it up again to restore its proper attributes.

Author: Brandon

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