Super Mario – Coin


“You’ve collected 100 coins! You gain more power from the castle.”

Coins (sometimes known as Gold Coins or Yellow Coins, also called Mushroom Coins in the Beanbean Kingdom) are the main currency of the Mushroom Kingdom. They can be collected in most Mario games. They have varying effects depending on the game type: in platformer games they increase a player’s score and grant extra lives; in racing games they increase speed and recovery times; and in RPGs they can be used to purchase items, all among other uses.

In New Super Mario Bros., coins are found in many places. They can also be obtained by defeating enemies with fireballs, like in Super Mario World. Star Coins are found for the first time in this game. There are three of them in every level. They can be spent on unlocking bonus areas on the map and on backgrounds for the bottom screen. If the player collects all Star Coins and unlocks everything, the file will receive three stars, indicating 100% completion. Red Coin Rings are also present in this game. If the player touches the Red Coin Ring, eight Red Coins will appear. If the player collects all eight Red Coins, they will receive a power-up or a 1-Up, which will depend on the player’s current condition.

In Mario Kart DS, coins are present only in Mission Mode, where players have missions to get all the coins in a course. They are varied and they can be formed either in a pattern in a battle course or a single line in a race. A boss fight that involves King Booalso involves players collecting coins while the players avoids King Boo.

Author: Gipi

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