Star Wars – Senya Tirall Torso Armor

Senya Tirall was a Human female who joined the Knights of Zakuul and rose to become a member of the personal guard of Valkorion, the Immortal Emperor of the Eternal Empire. She spoke out against Valkorion’s phasing out of Humans from military roles in favor of Skytroopers, catching the Emperor’s interest. Two years later, the two began a romantic affair, and Tirall had three children—the twins Thexan and Arcann, and her daughter Vaylin.

She eventually left the Emperor’s guard after Valkorion’s indifference to his children grew too much for her to bear, and she hunted down traitors to the Empire. However, after Valkorion’s death, Arcann’s ascension to the throne, and his subsequent massacre of the Scions of Zakuul, she joined Lana Beniko in rescuing the Outlander and helped establish the Alliance.

[su_quote]”Being a Knight means everything, but I don’t let it define me. When it’s time to go to work, I’m who I need to be. The rest of the time, I’m just myself.” ―Senya Tirall[/su_quote]

Senya was born on Zakuul and when her Force-sensitivity was discovered, she joined the Knights of Zakuul. Eventually, when she earned a place in Emperor Valkorion’s elite guard, she didn’t hesitate to speak her mind, speaking out against replacing Human soldiers from military roles with skytroopers, catching the Emperor’s interest.

Two years later, they become romantically involved and she eventually bore his children. She first gave birth to twins, Arcann and Thexan. Despite showering them with love, her sons gave none in return and Valkorion seemed to want nothing to do with them. Their third child, Vaylin, was so powerful that she made furniture move with the Force while still in the womb.

As a toddler, she tore droids apart and one time, when a guard dropped a ball she tossed, Vaylin crippled him. Senya went to Valkorion to plead with him to help his children, but the Emperor merely caged Vaylin’s mind, locking her power away, along with most of who she was, and continued ignoring Thexan and Arcann.

Author: JC Bryan

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