Ratchet and Clank – R.Y.N.O.


Originally manufactured by Gadgetron as the ultimate in tactical offensive weaponry, the R.Y.N.O was only available from black market vendors. Featuring high-capacity, rapid-fire, auto-tracking missiles, this weapon was simply deemed too dangerous for civilian use.

The Rip Ya A New One, abbreviated R.Y.N.O., was a devastatingly powerful auto-targeting missile launcher developed by Gadgetron and the Blarg that was extremely rare and expensive. It fired seven individual missiles simultaneously, which immediately sought and destroyed various targets. It also had a high rate of fire, despite its size and caliber.

It was the most powerful missile launcher in Solana, and the ultimate in tactical offensive weaponry during the year 5354, however the creation of it’s succesors and other new weaponry rendered it obsolete; notably by the time of Ratchet: Deadlocked, the original R.Y.N.O. had been so defunct compared to the new technology, that the warbot Shellshock considered it to be a “sissy” in comparison to newer weapons like The Harbinger.

The original R.Y.N.O. could be considered the hardest to obtain in the series, because of the high price and lack of a Bolt Multiplier in the first game’s Challenge Mode.

Author: o0demonboy0o, SmakkoHooves

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