Power Rangers – Samurai Megazord


In Power Rangers Samurai, the five Samurai Rangers’ Folding Zords can combine into the Samurai Megazord. They pilot the Zords by writing the kanji for “super” (超, chō). The Rangers can combine the Zords into the Samurai Megazord by writing the kanji for “unite” (合, gō) It can summon a katana and a shield, resembling their Samurai disks, for protection. It resembles an ancient samurai.

The FoldingZords are modeled after Japanese ‘origami’ (folded art). They can be accessed by using symbol power on the mini emblem modes of their zords, and transforming the Spin Swords into Mega Blades which turns them into their Mega Mode forms.

Once in the cockpits of each FoldingZord, the rangers, use their Spin Sword discs (now independent of the Spin Swords), lock them onto their control panels and use them to execute certain commands. The Mega Blades fold and become joysticks. Super Attacks are performed with the Samuraizer.

The rangers originally used their individual zords to battle until Jayden made the call for a combined form Origins. While each zord has a cockpit, with its own control panel, the rangers use a single cockpit with all five core rangers together once in Megazord form. Though not normally seen, the Samurai Megazord can function without its helmet. When a Ranger is in Super Mega Mode, they can call out all the FoldingZords necessary for the Samurai Megazord without the other Rangers.

During the final battle against Master Xandred, the Gigazord was called upon but the auxillery zords was sent flying one-by-one, leaving only the Samurai Megazord remaining. Using all their symbol power, the Samurai Ranger charged the Megazord’s sabre and struck Xandred fatally. However, after boasting that the Nighlok threat would always reemerge, Master Xandred exploded and took the Samurai Megazord with him.

Author: josh1533

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