Power Rangers – R.I.C. Robotic Dog


R.I.C. 2.0 (Robotic Interactive Canine) – a robotic dog with multiple special features. R.I.C. was scheduled for retirement before being severely damaged while on a mission with Syd. In an effort to prevent R.I.C. from being discarded, Syd turns to Bridge for help. With assistance from Boom, Bridge re-invents R.I.C., dubbing him “R.I.C 2.0” In his upgraded form, R.I.C is able to transform into a weapon for the Rangers called the Canine Cannon when the bone-shaped key is placed in his mouth. R.I.C. was later upgraded to be used in the Red Ranger’s Battlizer system, forming the Sonic Mode armor. During the final battle with Grumm, Broodwing and their forces, R.I.C. played a vital role, freeing Boom and Kat from imprisonment, containing Broodwing as the Canine Cannon and fighting to defend the base.

  • R.I.C. can be converted in the Canine Cannon – a weapon, which fires a powerful blast of energy to take down criminals.

Author: josh1533

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