Power Rangers – Gaoranger Red Lion Fang


Lion Fang (ライオンファング Raion Fangu?): GaoRed’s lion based gauntlet weapon. It can be wielded one handed as an armored cestus or split into two claw like weapons for the Blazing Fire (ブレイジングファイヤー Bureijingu Faiyā?) attack.  Forms the handgrip of the Hundred-Beast Sword.

Kakeru Shishi (獅子 走 Shishi Kakeru?) is GaoRed (ガオレッド Gao Reddo?), leader of the Gaorangers. He was a 24 year old veterinarian (25 in Hurricaneger vs. Gaoranger and 34 in Gokaiger) before becoming chosen by GaoLion to become GaoRed. He was the last chosen of the Gaorangers, but has an affinity for animals. His other Power Animals are GaoGorilla and GaoFalcon.

In episode 3, GaoRed refused to give up when the Gaorangers were losing to Camera Org and gained the ability to turn the his Lion Fang into a gun weapon called the Gao Mane Buster(ガオメインバスター Gao Mein Basutā?), with the command “Lion Fang, transform!”. It has two modes: Normal Mode (ノーマルモード Nōmaru Mōdo?); which rapidly fires laser blasts from the barrels in its maine; and Final Mode (ファイナルモード Fainaru Mōdo?), which fires a powerful energy blast from a barrel that extends from the mouth.

Author: Evgeny Rodin

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