Payday – Santa Mask

The Santa’s Workshop is a heist in PAYDAY 2, released on December 10, 2015 in Update #92. It is the eighth contract given by Vlad.

The heist begins with the crew at the front of an abandoned train yard with their masks off. The building is guarded by many bikers, and decorated festively, with snow machines, fake snow, giant candy canes and tinsel.

As soon as either the crew masks up and gets detected, or they enter the building, the bikers will open fire upon the crew and the police will be called. At this point, the crew must clear the building of bikers and find the four “elves”. These elves are four special bikers that are dressed up with Christmas apparel (such as reindeer horns, red noses, elf ears, hats), and once shouted at will pack “presents” (similar to those in White Xmas) full of marijuana and coke.

There are three homeless civilians between the front entrances. Upon going loud, they will immediately run and try to escape. It is highly recommended to have at least one player try to stop them, cable-tie them, and lead the hostages to a spot where they can be guarded.

Vlad wants you to force these elves to pack 4 presents minimum, and any extra presents you can pack. Once four presents are made, a bag secure point appears shortly after at either the front of the building (the spawn point) or near some abandoned trains at the back. This point will be described as a “chimney”. In reality, it is a large metal grate surrounded by red-painted wood that opens when the loot point activates. The escape comes shortly after the loot secure point and can be at either chimney.

Similar to White Xmas and Cook Off, an almost unlimited amount of loot can be created (3600), however the crew must continually shout at the elves when they stop working or finish a present in order to keep them producing. The crew must also constantly defend the elves as they can be killed by the police. This will be indicated with a shield icon. Once this icon comes up, the crew has a small amount of time to kill the police that are attempting to “negotiate with” the elf before he dies.

Author: AVP

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