Monster Hunter – Barioth Mask


Barioth is a quadrupedal Flying Wyvern, with various cat-like features. Its body is mostly covered with icy white plates and spikes along its neck, spine, and tail. Its face features two massive, curved tusks of an amber coloration. Its forelegs are longer and more powerful than its back legs, with deadly spikes along its wings, as well as three large claws.

Barioth can move quickly and attack wildly, presenting a challenge even to experienced hunters. Barioth uses its fangs and claws to slide around on the ice making it hard to keep up with. It is able to slide its tail to its side and wield it in a club-like fashion, which can cause the Iceblight status. It can use its claws and wings for a homing glide attack from the sky on unsuspecting prey. It is capable of producing a wind blast; Barioth will spit out an icy ball that will create a powerful tornado. However, this wind blast will not work while Barioth is fatigued. Barioth can and will perform side jumps and dodges, similar to other Pseudowyverns.

Barioth is highly aggressive and territorial. It will attack any hunter that enters its domain. It will eat Popo or Anteka when fatigued. Barioth inhabits the Tundra, where the roaming herbivores on which it preys are large and plentiful.

Author: Techdollogic

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