Marvel – Cyclops Visor +Foam+

Scott Summers is the eldest son of USAF test pilot Major Christopher Summers and his wife, Katherine Anne. He was born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska alongside his younger brother, Alex. When Scott was 12 years old, his family was flying home from a vacation when their private plane was attacked by a Shi’ar spacecraft. The attack destroyed all but one of their parachutes, which Katherine strapped to Scott while making him hold Alex. Katherine and Chris said their final goodbyes, pushing their boys out of the plane in the hope that they would survive. The plane exploded, presumably killing Scott’s parents and causing the parachute to catch fire.

Scott’s mutant optic blasts manifested for the first time, and he used them to slow their descent while shielding Alex from the landing with his own body. Though the boys survived, Scott suffered a head injury upon landing. The head injury caused Scott a slight amount of brain damage, affecting the portion of his brain which controlled his latent optic blasts. The brothers were hospitalized, both suffering from traumatic amnesia regarding the incident. They caught the attention of the villainous geneticist Mr. Sinister, who harbored an obsession with the Summers family.

Sinister ran an orphanage, the State Home for Foundlings, in Omaha, Nebraska under the guise of “Michael Milbury”. Knowing of Scott’s mutant power, and believing that he had more potential than his brother, Sinister had Alex adopted to separate the two and render Scott emotionally vulnerable. One night, Scott awoke and accidentally destroyed the roof of the hospital with his power. Witnessing this, Sinister put Scott in a year-long coma. Upon recovering, Scott was placed in Sinister’s orphanage and subjected to his tortuous experiments.

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