League of Legends – Wards

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Wards where items that revealed the Fog of War once placed. It was visible for a short time but became stealthed and had a limited duration of 3 minutes. Wards used to have the fixed 3 units of health and any attack on it only reduced 1 unit per hit regardless. Any damage enhancing effect (e.g. Nami’s Tidecaller’s Blessing, passive of Thresh’s Flay, passive of Statikk Shiv or any Spellblade passive) would not be applied or consumed while attacking the ward. Wards would visibly burn when attacked by a champion with Crest of Cinders, but no additional damage would be dealt.

In patch V3.12 Sight and Vision Wards received a model and texture update.

In patch V3.14 Sight and Vision Wards were changed totally, Sight Ward was renamed Stealth Ward and now is limited to 3 placed for player and Vision Wards now are visibles but have 5 units of health and are limited to 1 per player.

Author: Portaldragon

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