League of Legends – Ghost Bride Morgana


There is a world far away populated by graceful and beautiful winged beings gifted with immortality, where an ancient conflict still rages. Like so many conflicts, this war split families. One side proclaimed themselves as beings of perfect order and justice, fighting to unite the world under their law and strong central governance. Those that fought against them saw their kin as tyrants, creatures incapable of seeing the larger view, who would sacrifice individuality and freedom for the illusion of efficiency and safety. Morgana was one who fought against what she perceived as the tyranny of her kind, and for that she was branded “fallen”. Morgana was not innocent, having plumbed forgotten ways to gather forbidden might to become a powerful mistress of the black arts. This goal was driven by her obsession to defeat the general of the opposition’s army – her sister, Kayle.

  • It is a reference to La Llorona, an urban myth originating from Latin America.
  • It is a commemorative skin created to celebrate the launch of League of Legend’s Latin American servers, and it was given to any player who moved to the Latin American servers for free, when those first came out.
  • She actually got new quotes, but only in the Latin American Spanish version of League of Legends. She also got a three-episode radio drama dedicated to her in the RiotGames Latin American Soundcloud account.

Author: YoungLiddell

League of Legends Ghost Bride Morgana papercraft template

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