Iron Man – Mark 2 Full Armor


The Mark II (Mark 2), was the second Iron Man Armor designed and created by Tony Stark and is the ultimate successor to the original Mark Iarmor.

It was constructed as a prototype with an emphasis on exploring flight potential. As the first suit of Iron Man Armor built at Stark Industries, theMark II armor features various new technology and weapons. It was soon replaced by the Mark III armor after it’s initial flight testing revealed it’s inability to reach the higher atmosphere due to the build up of ice.

The Mark II armor was first constructed by Tony Stark after escaping the Ten Rings. The suit was much more streamlined than the Mark I, with more focus on flight. The suit was taken on its first flight, where it was discovered it had a problem with freezing at high altitudes. This issue was solved with a refined titanium-gold alloy used in the Mark III armor.

Author: DancinFool, JFCustom

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