Iron Man – Iron Patriot Full Armor +FOAM+

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The Iron Patriot Armor was an armor used by Lt. Colonel James Rhodes. It first appeared in the movie, Iron Man 3.

It was a highly upgraded version of the War Machine Armor Mark II and had a unique color scheme and armor design compared to its predecessors. Having a red, blue and white color scheme and a more slim and versatile body armor than before.

The armor has blue, red and silver platings overall. It’s design takes on the appearance of the U.S. National Flag, and it has a star shaped outline around the armor’s Unibeam. The Unibeam of the Iron Patriot is a vertical rectangular shaped one, and has a light red glow emitting from it, as well as with the helmet’s eyes section of the armor.

In Response To “The Mandarin’s Lessons” , the armor was given a upgrade by A.I.M which included better weapons systems and a “patriotic” paint job .

After “The Mandarin” kills a man as part of a “lesson” for the President, Rhodes is sent in the armor to hunt him down. Going to several wrong locations, he encounters an Extremis soldier who overpowers him.

Aldrich Killian used his powers to try to force Rhodes out of the armor and he finally ejects because the armor can’t take any more heat damage, and is knocked out by Savin after dodging Killian’s “fire breath”. Eric Savintakes control of the armor and flies to Air Force One, pretending to be Rhodes in order to board it and capture the President. In the armor, Savin is more than a match for the President’s bodyguards and kills several  of them before ejecting and sending the President to Killian in the armor.

The President is later trapped in the armor and hung above an impounded oil tanker to be burned alive on national TV, but Rhodes, Tony Stark and the Iron Legion arrive to help.

Rhodes manages to reach the President and uses one of the armor’s repulsors to break a cable holding it up and swing to safety. Afterwards, Rhodes completely frees the armor, reclaims it (after telling the President he looks good wearing it) and uses it to fly the President to safety. The Iron Patriot armor has no other part in the final battle and is not seen again afterwards.

Author: JFCustom, Jackieisrocking

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