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“My men are not expendable. And I don’t do this kind of work.”

trophy is a memento collected by a Yautja from their prey during a Hunt. Trophies can include a wide range of items — most commonly a piece or part of the victim’s body is taken (often the skull), but items or trinkets of personal significance to the original prey may also be claimed, while the body itself may also be mutilated (often by skinning) and left behind as a form of trophy. In most cases, trophies are collected by Yautja as a means to display their skill. Recovered trophies are often displayed proudly in a trophy cabinet or room, or perhaps worn about the Yautja’s person if of sufficiently small size.

By far the most common form of trophy collected by Yautja is their victim’s skull, sometimes with the spinal cord still attached. A removed skull will be meticulously cleaned, the flesh and muscle stripped from it and the brains removed,[3] before it is displayed alongside other trophies collected by the individual or their clan. In some cases, the victim’s body itself becomes the trophy; the body is flayed of all skin, disemboweled, and hung by the feet from a great height. In such cases, the corpse is not recovered and is left as a warning or taunt to any other prey who may discover it, as well as an indication of the Predator’s worth and experience to other Predators.

In less common cases, a trophy may not be a part of the victim’s body, but an item of personal worth to them. For example, the Elder Predator encountered by Mike Harrigan in Los Angeles had in its possession a flintlock pistol dating from the 18th century, originally claimed from a pirate captain named Raphael Adolini.

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