Gundam – Earth Federation Pilot Helmet


The Earth Federation Forces, sometimes abbreviated to (E.F.F) are the military branch of the Earth Federation government in the Universal Century timeline.

By the 0010s, the Federation recognized the growing need for an armed service branch that can deal with the major land wars that had been plaguing earth’s surface for the past 70 years; a problem which initially warranted the creation of the Earth Federation government to begin with, as well as to counter any threats from separatist from inside the colonies who wished to cause havoc. The Earth Federation Forces (EFF) was formally established in U.C. 0020, and organized into four groups. The (Ground Force), a branch which handled all military matters on the earth’s land surface. An (Air Force), an aerial service branch which was tasked with providing air cover for ground forces and air superiority during land operations. A (Naval Force), a branch that was tasked with and in charge of providing sea-based cover for all other EFF branches, and to counter any and all threats on earth’s seas. And a (Space Force), a special service branch tasked with providing power projection from earth orbit and space. In Gundam 0080 and Gundam 0083, the EFSF was initially referred to as UNT Spacy, but EFSF later became the official moniker.

Originally, the naming in the 1980s used United Nations Troops (U.N.T.) and is referred to as UNT army, UNT grand (first a typo of ground, later the term was used for an army-navy joint forces). This naming convention was used in Japan until 1999. This is due to the release of the Perfect Grade model of theRX-78-2 Gundam. All naming was changed from UNT to EF and UNT forces have been changed to EF Forces. The Japanese publications had since then renamed all of the wordings to the current naming convention. The acronym U.N.T. have been retconned to Under Normal Tactical to prevent confusion in anime series and older model kits.[1] The reason for this change is unknown, but the naming convention is the same as that of the Macross series and there might be a conflict in getting an America copyright even though the Gundam series aired before the Macross series in Japan but later than theMacross series (known as Robotech) in America.

Until U.C. 0087, the military central command for the Earth Federation Forces was located at a base called Jaburo (or Jabrow), a large, heavily fortified underground base located around the Amazon river. During the One Year War, the base was the target of many attacks by the Principality of Zeon, including the Operation British colony drop and a decisive battle at which the remaining bulk of Zeon’s Earth Attack Force made their final attempt to destroy Jaburo. Throughout the Universal Century the Earth Federation Space Force operated from their headquarters at Luna II.

Author: KaiserLee

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