Game of Thrones – Torrhen Stark Silver Stag Coin


Torrhen Stark was the last King in the North until the secession of the North and the Riverlands in the War of the Five Kings and the coronation of Robb Stark. King Torrhen’s reign coincided with the War of Conquest, in which the Andal kingdoms south of the Neck submitted one by one to Aegon the Conqueror. Torrhen amassed his army and marched to meet the Targaryen warlord but by the time he arrived, Aegon had already won the decisive Field of Fire and conquered most of the South of Westeros. Torrhen Stark leading his army against Aegon I After seeing Aegon’s dragons and his massive host, Torrhen realized the war was already lost. Instead of fighting, he chose to bend the knee and surrendered his crown in order to spare his people. For his submission, Aegon named him Lord Paramount and Warden of the North. Robb Stark believes that Torrhen “saved thousands of lives that day.”

Author: Hellsword Papercraft

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