Game of Thrones – Tommen Lannister Silver Moon Coin


In the A Song of Ice and Fire novels King Tommen II is briefly mentioned. In The World of Ice and Fire his story is briefly expanded. The last report of him is a Volantene chronicle titled The Glory of Volantis which mentions a “golden fleet” bearing the “Lion King” stayed at Volantis for supplies, and the that triarchs showered him with gifts.

According to the chronicle, Tommen II swore that half of all he would find would be given to the triarchs in return for their generosity and the promise to send their fleet to his aid when he requested it. Afterward he sailed away. The next year, the chronicle states that Triarch Marqelo Tagaros dispatched a squadron toward Valyria to find any sign of Tommen’s golden fleet but returned empty handed.

Tommen II apparently lived a few years or few decades after the Doom of Valyria, which was itself a century before the Targaryen Conquest of Westeros. It is said that the Lannnisters acquired Brightroar in the century before the Doom, and that Tommen II disappeared a little over a century after that.

Author: Hellsword Papercraft

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