The Flash – Zoom Cowl


“And in a supreme act of selfishness shattered history like a rank amateur, turned the world into a living hell moments away from destruction and *I’m* the villain?”

Born Eobard Thawne in the Year 2151 also known as Professor Zoom or The Reverse Flash is a Mysterious and Extremely Dangerous Metahuman Speedster with a Former Connection to The Speed Force which is now only temporary and extremely knowledgeable of it’s Powers. He is the Archenemy of The Flash and one of heroes most well known Villains. He is The Former Co Creator and Founder of S.T.A.R. Labs in Central City where he was The Leader of The Team and was also The Creator and Leader of The Team that Created and Developed The Particle Accelerator that created all the Metahumans. He is also The Former Co Leader of The Flash Family The Vigilante Hero Team which he Co Lead with The Flash when he was stuck in The 21 Century. Also when he was stuck in The 21 Century he was impersonating and under the guise of Harrison Wells.


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