Final Fantasy – Cosmos


Cosmos appears as a woman with long blonde hair and light blue eyes. She wears a form-fitting full-length white dress with an ornate golden crest and blue stones around the waist. The design rises to her collar where it splits and goes around her neck as the clasp on her dress, then going down her back to loop around her waist back to the circular crest. She wears bracelets, armlets, earrings and a tiara but no shoes. She carries a light yellow shawl around her arms, and wears a veil extending from her tiara with the same design scheme as her shawl.

Cosmos is a manikin, but unlike the others, is the only known successful specimen to have the full memories of a single person: Cid’s wife. The Onracians used her as an alternative means to soothe Chaos. After ending up in World B, Cosmos ruled alongside Chaos before Garland appeared to begin the conflict for Cid to oversee the powers of Harmony and Discord at their fullest. Cosmos was the one who first summoned her warriors, faithfully following orders of the Great Will, to make Chaos fight her.

During one of the earliest cycles, Prishe introduces Cosmos to the Warrior of Light, another perfect manikin modeled after Cid, an individual that neither god summoned. While Cosmos was initially reluctant, she imbued him with her light to serve as one of her champions. It is hinted she was aware of the Warrior’s true nature, as well as Prishe’s name for him.

Author: Luis Felipe Lopez Salcido

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