The Fast and the Furious 7 – Challenger


After returning from her trip to the hospital, Letty heads home, only to find the house in fiery ruins. She is later found by Mr. Nobody’s men, who bring her to their base in El Segundo, where Dom and the rest of the crew are preparing for their mission to rescue Ramsey from Mose Jakande’s terrorists. Mr. Nobody provides them with a warehouse full of cars to use for their mission, and Letty chooses a stock green 2011 Dodge Challenger SRT. Before the mission, she manages to add black paint to the green, as well as handlebars and a spoiler, along with a parachute as well as a harpoon on the roof of the car. The car is then loaded in the back of an airplane, flying over the Caucasus Mountains. Letty is the third one to reverse out of the plane, and after landing, helps the rest of the crew pull off the mission. She initially gets into formation behind Brian, giving his car a bump draft, and later, along with Dom, uses the harpoons to hook the back of the bus. Dom and Letty both slam on the brakes, allowing the back of the bus to come off. As Brian is later trapped in the bus, which is about to go off a cliff, he manages to get out and run diagonally up the bus, leaping off the bus; Letty manages to drift at the edge of the cliff, and Brian manages to grab the spoiler, thus saving his life. The car is not seen after that.

Author: Wong Hidayat

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