Dragonball Z – Freezer Form 4 HD


For all of Freezer’s power and arrogance, he is not so overconfident as to totally disregard potential threats to his rule, and sometimes displays what may be considered a paranoid attitude. He destroyed Planet Vegeta simply because of his nagging fear of the legend of the Super Saiyan, as well as the fear of a possible mass Saiyan revolt (though Whis claims Beerus was the one who authorized Planet Vegeta’s destruction, however it is likely that Freezer’s own reasons were the driving force and Beerus’ authorization allowed Freezer to effectively kill two birds with one stone, by destroying Planet Vegeta he could avoid both a potential Saiyan uprising and at the same time avoid upsetting Beerus by carrying out his wishes and remain in the Destroyer’s good graces for the time being).

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