Dragonball Z – C17


C 17 is an adolescent with a short, slim build, much like his twin sister Android 18. He has shoulder-length black hair and thin, blue eyes. Underneath his hair, he has two gold hoop earrings. He wears an orange bandanna around his neck. He wears a short sleeve black shirt with the Red Ribbon Army’s logo, and, underneath, he dons a long-sleeve white shirt. He wears a belt to hold up his blue jeans which have a tear just above the knee of the left leg. Just below the first belt he wears another belt with a gun holster and another pouch. C 17 wears green socks and blue and white sneakers. During his cameo in the Buu Saga, he wears a blue jacket over his clothes, and during the Super 17 Saga, he wears a tan, knee-length jacket.

Initially a reckless anarchist, C 17 later reveals himself to be little more than a rebel without a cause. C 17 also hated his cybernetics, as Android 18 revealed when refusing and seeing through Semi-Perfect Cell’s attempts at convincing Android 18 into merging with him. When he is revived by Shenron because of a wish that restored both the lives of all of Cell’s victims and all the damage caused during the Cell Games, C 17 goes on to live a life of peace in obscurity. At the end of Dragon Ball Z, C 17 provided energy for Goku’s Super Spirit Bomb to destroy Kid Buu.

He reappears in Dragon Ball GT when the scientists Dr. Gero and Dr. Myuu brainwash him telepathically, and he is eventually merged with Hell Fighter 17(a Machine Mutant version of himself created by the scientists in Hell) to form Super 17. Yet, even without the ability to maintain his mind, 17 still exhibits some of his sensitivity, mostly towards his sister. This is in stark contrast to his alternate self from Future Trunks’s timeline, where he is a murderous sociopath who cares for no one but himself and Android 18. While under Dr. Myuu’s control, he forces his transformed-self to reveal his own weak point, thus allowing Goku to kill him.

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