Dark Souls – Silver Knight Straight Sword & Shield


The Silver Knight Straight Sword is dropped by the straight sword wielding Silver Knights of Anor Londo. The Silver Knight Straight Sword has the rare distinction of being a weapon upgraded down the unique path while also being augmentable. This, along with its innately high base damage, makes it a competitive weapon, although its mediocre scaling reduces its relative usefulness at higher levels. This weapon can chain its strong attacks to light attacks but not its light attacks to strong attacks.

The Silver Knight Shield is a rare drop from the Silver Knights in Anor Londo. The Silver Knight Shield is one of the best medium shields in the game, with the highest stability of all standard shields, both before and after upgrading (except the Crystal Balder Shield +5), as well as the highest resistance total. It also does not require valuable Titanite Chunks and Slabs to upgrade. Its only real downside is the above-average weight and Strength requirement for a medium shield. Like most metal shields, its magic defense remains somewhat weak. It has a medium deflection and normal parrying speed.

Author: EuTytoAlba

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