Dark Souls – Shotel


“Curved sword with sharply curved blade. Created by Arstor, Earl of Carim. Requires great skill to wield, but evades shield defense to sneak in damage.”

Found in Sen’s Fortress, near the first boulder trap, next to Siegmeyer of Catarina when he travels there. Players will need to jump off a fairly high ledge to reach it, so expect some fall damage. Purchase from Shiva of the East for 10,000 in Blighttown while part of the Forest Hunter covenant.

The strong attack of the shotel deals 50% damage through guard (the only weapon to do so, in fact). This includes any elemental damage it may have been upgraded with. While powerful shields are relatively rare in PvE, it is a highly effective PvP weapon to punish anyone who may be turtling behind a shield.

Author: EuTytoAlba

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