Dark Souls – Dragon Crest Shield

The Dragon Crest Shield is found on a corpse in the Valley of Drakes. It is on a narrow cliff in front of a passive Undead Dragon, alongside Astora’s Straight Sword and a nearby Soul of a Proud Knight. While it is possible to loot the other items without awakening the Dragon, the shield is in an area where it will become aggressive.

To acquire it without fighting the Undead Dragon, quickly make a break for the shield, loot it, and immediately flee. With a well timed roll it is possible to escape with the shield unscathed.

The Dragon Crest Shield has the third best fire resistance (the first being the Black Knight Shield and the second being the Black Iron Greatshield) of any shield in the game. This shield can be easily acquired by beginners if they chose the Master Key as their starting gift. It has medium deflection and normal parry speed.

long with Physical and Elemental damage reduction, weapons also have hidden stats that reduce the amount of status build-up while blocking.

Author: Eu Tyto Alba

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