Command & Conquer – Zone Trooper


They wear advanced, self-sufficient powered suits made from the same composite used in the Mammoth 27’s armor. Its advanced life support systems allow the wearer to survive in heavily Tiberium contaminated areas such as the Red zones. In addition to being able to survive in such conditions Zone Troopers are equipped with jump jets, allowing them to move long distances in seconds, often dropping into the heat of a battle as reinforcements. For combat the Zone Troopers carry an advanced portable railgun based off the same design employed in the new Mammoth 27 and Predator tanks. Besides protection from light weapons fire, the armor also absorbs the recoil the railguns produce and increases the wearer’s strength and power. Some Zone Troopers do one handed push-ups while in their power armor when idle, and they can run faster than regular riflemen.

Author: C&C Papercrafts

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