Command & Conquer – Mirage Tank


The new version of the Mirage Tank is an advanced vehicle of the Allied Forces. This versatile tank can disguise itself as a harmless object and the onboard Dulamp FT-70 gap generator’s energy bubble can be inverted to hide any Allied unit within, but at the same time leaving the Mirage Tank visible and unable to fire its weapon. Mirage tanks have spectrum-dispersion cannons that are similar to the weapons of the Red Alert 2 prism tanks (which are absent at this time due to the elimination of Einstein), but with a much shorter range. It is based on L.A.S.E.R technology, very similar to prism technology of the previous war. It is said to be based on a French tank chassis and weapon system, but was then further developed by the FutureTech company (also responsible for the Cryocopter).

Author: C&C Papercrafts

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