Command & Conquer – Juggernaut

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In the wake of the First Tiberium War, the GDI Board of Directors recognized the need for a larger, more powerful type of assault vehicle.

Nod’s growth in the Yellow Zones had multiplied exponentially and the subsequent threat it posed to the Blue Zone’ security had made the GDI leaders nervous. As a result, the Board ordered the Corps of Engineers to design a vehicle which could provide artillery support well beyond the enemy’s ability to retaliate.

The results were four different proposals, one of which came to be known as the Juggernaut. The Board were so impressed by the design that they ordered a prototype, and in December, 2023, the first vehicle rolled – or rather, walked – off the assembly line.

It stood 75 feet tall, had a 43-foot spread, and a top speed of 35 miles per hour. Future performance tests revealed that it could hit targets, with a certain degree of inaccuracy, from 15 miles away, and cover ground rather quickly.

Author: C&C Papercrafts

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