Chrono Cross – Serge


Seventeen years old at the start of Chrono Cross, Serge sports an athletic build and dexterous finesse with Swallows, having trained in the arts of this complex weapon extensively prior to the events of the game. Covering his messy blue hair is a red bandanna, embroidered with a gold, floral pattern. His eyes are violet, although in some full-motion videos, they are depicted as amber. He has an upturned nose and defined chin, very similar to those of his father, Wazuki. For clothing, he wears baggy indigo-colored shorts with a pattern of a lighter blue running just above the hem. He also wears a tight, dark undershirt, covered with a vest of gray and brown fabric. Around his neck is tied a black rope, with a metal pendant that appears to be an inverted Venus symbol (indicating masculinity). On his hands, he wears brown gloves, and on his feet, he wears black shoes with brown tips. He wears bright pink socks as well.

Author: Kaizo Papercraft

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