Chrono Cross – Lynx


Lynx appears as a feline demi-human with a lion-like face and amber eyes.

He wears a black standard military outfit consists of a long black high neck trench coat tied in a purple obi, dark gray sash in each side of his trench coat, black military pants and dark gray boots. He also wears a large black gauntlets in gold outlines, a gold military hat on his head and wears a black short mantle at the back as the interior of it is yellow.

As Wazuki, he has a messy blue hair like his son, Serge. His chin and jaws were well-defined and sprinkled with 5 o’clock shadow. Though unlike Serge, who has amber-colored eyes, Wazuki’s eyes were blue. He also wears a red bandanna on his forehead and wears a similar clothing as his son’s.

Author: Lubdar

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