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Sky Hook

Sky Hook is a melee weapon and means of transportation throughout Columbia on its Sky-Lines, utilized by Booker DeWitt in BioShock Infinite. Booker first gains the Sky-Hook at the Columbia 1912 Raffle and Fair when he encounters the police. It is the first weapon acquired in the game. Unlike the rest of Booker’s arsenal, this tool is passively equipped and cannot be substituted for another weapon.

The Sky-Hook was originally inspired by adventurous teenagers using the Sky-Lines for joyriding; with makeshift tools which would later result in broken necks. Although citizens credit Jeremiah Fink for the Sky-Hook, it was actually created by R.J. Pickwick, through his company’s sponsor, Fink Manufacturing. The Sky-Hook was used by workers to perform maintenance on Sky-Lines. It was later utilized by the Police as an essential tool for catching criminals, including the Vox Populi. Sky-Hooks are powerfully magnetized to the freight hooks and Sky-Lines in Columbia, allowing their users to make death-defying leaps from point-to-point with the knowledge that they will automatically latch on. Additionally, the Sky-Hook’s bladed scoops and rotary motor allow it to be used as a lethal, if messy, melee weapon. If Elizabeth is nearby when the execution happens, she will usually give a disgusted reaction.

Booker can use the Sky Hook to perform four different attacks:

  • Basic Attack: The simplest, quickest and least damaging form of attack, Booker hits the target with the Sky-Hook. The first hit on a non-Heavy Hitter target will briefly stagger them.
  • Execution: If the target is particularly low on health, holding the melee attack button will cause Booker to perform a gory execution on the target, killing and occasionally decapitating them. Booker is immune to damage while performing an execution.
  • Sky-Line Strike: While on a Sky-Line, Booker can launch himself at a ground target and deal them critical damage, staggering them as well.
  • Sky-Line Smash: While on a Sky-Line, Booker can launch himself at an enemy on the Sky-Line, knocking them off.

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